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Welcome Wargamer or Collector to our homepage; we are a Wargame Painting Service located in Kiev, Ukraine. Our job is to paint your miniatures, which we do well, as you will see from our galleries, we offer two qualities one “Wargame Quality” which is best for painting large armies which you will use to battle. Or the “Collectors Quality” which is our best quality, can be used for building perhaps not the largest units, but units which you would like to receive special attention on the wargaming table. It can be individual staff figures or it can be whole units or even armies it all depends on you. We have several years of successful web-activity & a lot of painted armies left behind us. Our service is reasonably fast & our well-qualified painters are ready to accomplish any given task. There are three galleries (Historical, Fantasy, 54mm Miniatures;) containing images of miniatures painted both to Collectors and Wargamers qualities. 

 Why should I choose OGP to paint my miniatures? - Prices amongst the lowest on the internet! - Time of completion 4-6 weeks! - (Money back guaranty) We accept PayPal.

10% off and free shipping for custom orders to new clients ordering!

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Here you can view images of work, we have done for customers around the Globe. There are two groups of miniatures: Historical & Fantasy. Each group contains two galleries, one containing images of miniatures painted to Collectors quality and one containing images of miniatures painted to Wargamers quality. Click on the text links to the left to enter one of the galleries.

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News! OGP have purchased a line of former Mega Miniatures 25mm soccer game “Golden

Goal” by Ian Johnson.


We will be selling unpainted as well as painted versions of the figures, to accommodate

your needs. If you want painted versions of the teams, let us know the colors etc.


Rules of the "Golden Goal" are copyrighted but free for you to download here at

this site.

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